Corporate Grants

The staff of Writing Grants has produced millions upon millions of dollars in funding through corporate partnerships and foundations. This funding has supported projects and initiatives for private businesses, not-for-profit organizations, local municipalities and State government agencies.

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Technology Partnership Program

Thousands of corporations throughout the world have established a variety of grant programs!

Typically, these grant programs support the mission of these corporations and strengthen their positions in the marketplace. Many corporations are particularly interested in supporting projects in geographic areas within which their employees reside and work. Other corporations target their grant programs at activities, such as education, because these activities represent the major markets within which the corporation sells its products and services.

Time Warner Foundation, for example, provided a $600,000 grant to one non-profit to create a 21st century media and technology literacy grant. Citigroup, through its foundation, awards an average of $14 million per year in grants focused in three areas: financial education; educating the next generation; and, building communities and entrepreneurs. IBM Corporation provides grants in education, adult education and workforce development, arts and culture, communities in need, and the environment.

Two of the most common forms or corporate grant programs are corporate foundations and corporate partnerships.

Corporate Foundations. Grants funded through corporate foundations follow a Request for Proposal process similar to the process adopted by other non-corporate foundations:

1. Begin by sending a Letter of Inquiry summarizing your project and demonstrating how it complements the foundation's program priorities.

2. If invited to submit a proposal, follow the requirements, which generally include a proposal narrative; a budget; and, required documentation.

Corporate Partnerships. Many other corporations will forge corporate "partnerships" with organizations (typically non-profit community, health, and educational organizations) for a variety of purposes. For example, a company may form a staff development partnership program with a community organization or an educational institution to expose and train individuals on using the company's products. A company may form a corporate internship program to provide youth opportunities to experience a career in the company. A company may establish a loaned executive program to provide a statewide non-profit health care agency with the management expertise of the company's executives.

1. Inform the Corporation. The most critical step in forming a corporate partnership is for the applicant to cultivate a relationship with corporations located within the region served by the applicant. This first step is critical for informing the corporation about the applicant's mission and capabilities.

If key executive staff decide to support an applicant's request for support, it is important to identify the form and process for submitting the request. This may vary by corporation.

2. Letter of Request for Support. It is vital to ask for support appropriate to a specific corporation. For example, some corporations may provide hardware, but are restricted in providing funding. Other corporations, such as telephony corporations, can provide telephone-wiring installations, but cannot provide "free" telephone service because of legal restrictions.

The letter of request will typically include the following points:

  • Brief description of the project for which support is requested.
  • The types of support (e.g., a request for 30 computer workstations) and funds ($25,000) requested.
  • A description of project activities.
  • A timetable.
  • Resumes of key project staff.
  • A management plan.
  • An evaluation plan. The evaluation plan should address the outcomes of the project.
  • A dissemination plan.

The letter of request should be clear and succinct, typically restricted to two-three pages in length.

3. Presentation. You may be required to make a presentation to corporate executives summarizing the request and the benefits from the support.

4. Press Announcement. If the corporation decides to support the request, you may be involved in creating and disseminating a press release or a public announcement of the corporate grant award.

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