Grant Proposal Analysis

Sometimes the hardest part about writing a grant is analyzing or even finding a proposal that resonates with the particular objective/s of your organization. Writing Grants can help on both counts! Using our simple 3-step procedure we can quickly get you on your way in the grant development process.

Grant Writing Analysis

Step 1. Complete the Survey

Click on the link, Customer Background , fill out the form and click "send" to email it to us. Writing Grants will take it from there. Once we have received your information allow 5 business days for us to complete steps 2 & 3.

Step 2. Information Analysis - Project Summary

We prepare a five-page summary of your project. For some grants, this summary could be your first submission.

Step 3. Grant Research and Eligibility

We find grants for your project by searching electronic databases and telephoning funding agencies to determine your eligibility. We provide a list of these results:

  • Funding Agency

  • Name of Grant

  • Synopsis of Grant

  • Web Address/Mail Address For Grant Guidelines

  • Submission Deadlines

  • Award Range

  • Award Date

  • Why You Meet Eligibility Requirements

  • Why Your Project Meets Grant Priorities

  • Why Your Project Meets Special Priorities (optional)


The total cost for our Proposal Analysis service is only $1,500. A $500 up front fee must be paid to begin the analysis and the remaining $1,000 is due at completion. Once we have received your final payment, the summary will be emailed to you.


Writing Grants unconditionally guarantees that we will find one or more grants to meet the requirements of your objective or all fees will be fully refunded. We also agree to deduct the fees for our Proposal Analysis service from the cost of our Proposal Development service should you decide to have us continue and write the grant for you.


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